Vision  Statement And Values

We are a family of imperfect people, walking alongside God, reaching out through serving and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. 


    We believe God meets us where we authentically are, not where we imagine we ought to be. We do not have to pretend with God or with each other about our lives. God meets us all right where we really are, in our thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and encounters throughout our days. God meets us in our faith or lack of faith, in loving actions and our sinful ones, in our stelnghths and in our weaknesses. God meets us where we are, and yet, God's love will always change us for the better. 


    Grace means unearned kindness or favor. We like to call it the smile of God, the way in which God consistency and persistently responds in loving kindness to us while humanity does actions out of our worst places. Grace means that we, ones who have experienced God's grace, respond to other people with mercy and not judgement. We respond in love and not retaliation. It means that we actively look for the best in others and desire to cultivate a community where we are gracious toward each other. 


    Truth is reality. Truth is what is real, what is trustworthy. We ultimately believe that God is truth, and that everything is therefore measured truthfully based off that character of God, who is Truth. Jesus said in John 14:6, "I AM the Way, the Truth, and The Life, no one comes to the Father except through me." Truth means that there are ways of thinking and relating to one another that are like the character of God, and there are ways that are not truth or untruthful in the way we live and interact with each other. It means we live authentically out of a knowledge of who God is and there is integrity in what we say and do because that is the nature of God, the one we love. 


    Hope is an assurance that God is out for good. That God, is for us and that although hardships happen, hope is a defiant challenge which expresses that God is ultimately good and desires to express goodness to all of humanity. Hope is a natural fruit of faith in God's goodness. Hope knows God's intent to bring about forgiveness, justice, and joy in this life. Hope is an anchor in the midst of stormy experiences and is a response followers of Jesus have in the midst of adversity and hardships. 


    Reconstructing is the process to rebuild something back up  to its original design. We all need God's grace to reconstruct us spiritually, to build us up into what we were originally designed for in relationship with God. Reconstructing means that God has a plan for all or our lives, and that each person has a unique and beautiful expression of love and grace, which God has prepared for us to live (or walk) in according to God's purposes for our lives. Every human has inherent value because God loves and created every human being. Out of God's love, we are  being reconstructed, reshaped, reformed, renewed, into who we were meant to be, who we long to be in relationship to God. 


    Jesus spent three years with a few people in an apprentice-like relationship. As they were spending time with Jesus, they were changing and they were being prepared to love and serve the world each person in the unique ways. We believe that out of these authentic relationships people discover who they are and the unique gifts of personality, natural abilities, and gifts from God as they are equipped to partner with God to change the world. Therefore, relationships and empowering each other are important to the way we live as a community. 


    As a family, our lives with God and each other are meant to be integrated, not disintegrated. We desire that the whole of our lives are lived with God and that all of us were created for relationship with God and each other. Doing life together means that we worship together but that worshiping does not only mean large gatherings, but also while at kids sporting activities, in meals in homes, or serving in the community together. Doing life together means that we do not assume that we can live life alone or that we do not need the love and support of others as we are on our journeys of faith together.