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Family Ministry at TRU

#1 - Family is Primary!

God’s word tells us that faith formation takes place primarily in the home. We pray for parents to be awakened to their role as primary ministers to their children and find ways to come alongside  to equip and encourage ministry in the home setting. 

#2 - Spiritual Formation is Our Goal.

We strive for Galatians 4:19 “Christ formed in you” to become the result of our family ministry efforts. The time our kids, youth and parents spend engaged in our ministry should result in evidence of spiritual formation in their lives.

#3 - The Holy Spirit is The Teacher.

Our ministry leaders are responsible for setting up the environment to come alongside what the Spirit of God is already doing and teaching our kids, youth and families. To use a sailboat  metaphor, our leaders should “hoist the sail” for the Holy Spirit to breathe into and move “the boat” in areas of lives that God desires to transform. 

#4 - Scripture is Authority!

We teach from God’s Holy Bible, and not from our own “wisdom”. It is crucial that we stand up for Truth in a world that denies it. We want everyone at TRU to have a Bible and to know how to use it. We want to be people who put the Word into practice in everyday life. Our ministry to families encourages that we are not simply hearers of God’s word, but even more importantly that we are doers of the word. 

#5 - God is Central.

God is the center of every story that we share in our ministry. Instead of focusing on the bible characters, we strive to focus on God’s character in each of the stories. Bible stories serve as examples of God’s unchanging character that is still active and alive today.

#6 - We are Family!

Each family is an important part of our bigger faith community at TRU. As a faith community, our entire TRU Family is also part of a much bigger group - God’s family.  We  are called in unity to build the kingdom as we join with other local, national and international ministries.

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